Reduced Hearing Loss in Young Adults

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Reduced Hearing Loss in Young Adults

Reduced Hearing Loss in Young Adults

People are constantly on guard due to the scary statistics about the rise in hearing loss rates recently. Thankfully, a recent study gave us reason for hope as it reported that the rate of hearing loss in young adults has actually decreased.

Thanks to the rise in awareness of hearing loss, young adults are taking proactive and consistent steps to protect themselves from hearing damage. The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders recently published a study that reported that a decade ago, 16% in young Americans suffered from hearing loss. Currently that statistic has been reduced to 14%, depicting a 2% decline in hearing loss rates. Those aged 20-69 years were found to be within this category of reduced hearing loss.

Youngsters such as children and adolescents are still addicted to their electronic devices which continue to pose threats to hearing. So far it has been found that 1 in 5 adolescents has some form of hearing damage due to harmful listening practices such as listening to music at loud volumes and using earbuds for extended periods of time. These harmful practices may lead to a rise in hearing loss rates once more if the younger generation does not implement protective hearing practices.

Encourage your children and adolescents to implement protective practices to prevent hearing loss so that they can continue to enjoy the sounds of their favorite singers for a longer period of time. Even though 27 million adults in American currently suffer from hearing loss, you can take proactive steps to protect the next generation from suffering.

People aged over 60 years currently have a 40% likelihood of having hearing damage, so let’s reduce this percentage by implementing safe listening practices ourselves and encouraging our next generation to do the same.

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