Musical Inspiration, Dopamine, and Hearing Loss

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Musical Inspiration, Dopamine, and Hearing Loss

Musical Inspiration, Dopamine, and Hearing Loss

Researchers have recently explored the effects of listening to one’s favorite music. Music has a broad range of genres and each of these genres can subjectively induce an impressive emotional reaction from each person, depending on their preference. Although the music is the same, the reactions may be difference due to the discharge of the neurotransmitter known as dopamine within the brain.

A study conducted at McGill University reported a direct relationship between the euphoric sensation caused by music and the increased level of dopamine. According to Dr. Richard Depue from Cornell University, dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is generated in the brain in order to regulate emotional response and the pleasure center. The production of dopamine helps people feel more positive, motivated and excited, helping them strive towards achievement of personal and professional goals.

It is interesting to note how the same song can evoke different emotional responses in different people, depending on their emotional attachment towards the song. You will find yourself getting motivated when you listen to a particular song, while other songs seem to lower your energy and make you feel gloomy. Make note of how a particular song affects you personally. If you find yourself getting happier after listening to a specific song, it indicates that dopamine is in your system.

With the advancements of hearing aid technology, having hearing loss no longer needs to stop you from enjoying your favorite music and replicating the euphoric emotional state that results from listening to your favorite song. Music can be streamed wirelessly from any portable audio device directly to your hearing devices, letting you enjoy your euphoric state without needing to leave your couch.

Keep a list of your favorite music tracks on your mobile phone or portable audio device, send it wirelessly into your hearing devices, and enjoy the constant flow of dopamine as you relax and enjoy your most cherished tracks. Dopamine is truly the biggest source of inducing a natural high and increasing your sense of happiness.

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